PK Kids  PlayHouse for Disabled and Disadvantage Children

PK Kids Playhouse is design to help  children with physically disabilities,   and is now open for all under-privileged children,  indigent families, victims of domestic violence, dis-placed families and children living in homeless shelters.  We believe all children should have the opportunity to live a life without limitations  as we continue to build Our House for Our Children. 

It's A KidsLife Mission

It's A KidsLife is a rewarding ministry that was created for the sole purpose of allowing a kid to be a kid. 

Pastor Karen Gay Napier founded It's A KidsLife Outreach shortly after her mom's death.  The motivation of her decision  was exclusively based on every child having toys for Christmas.  Primarily design to assist  victims of breast cancer, this annual event is now open to all disadvantaged children helping them receive toys for Christmas.  With the continual support, donations and sponsorship from organizations, It'sAKidsLife has ministered to the needs and  wants of many families throughout Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida.

Pastor Karen and It's A KidsLife Outreach recently added "Back to School BPB (BackPak Bash) to its annual  calendar of events, serving the children of Broward and  Palm Beach County, Florida.  

We believe through interactive bible study we are able to teach the primary and junior level students the infallible Word of God in their own understanding and language.  Making the Word of God fun and exciting for our children will help them to embrace life with a clear understanding; according to the holy scripture.

Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it.  Proverbs 22:6 NCV  



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